Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Online self-care: Prioritize your mental and emotional health with these tips

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These days, we live more convenient lives because of the internet and all its perks. However, too much of a good thing can be destructive. In this age where we can see what’s happening in the world and in our circle of friends online, it’s so easy to assume that the snippets of reality we see in our timelines make up the whole story. And since social media platforms have given everyone a voice, it’s so easy to offend and defend our actions. On top of being James P. DeVellis, IT consultant and online person, I’m also an advocate of online self-care. Let me share with you some tips to prioritize your mental and emotional health in this highly connected world:

Remember that social media is a tool—your life does not depend on it

Social media was designed to improve how we communicate with others whether in our personal relationships and other endeavors. Unfortunately, people have let their online lives take over their real ones. When you feel like you can’t go a day without social media and you mindlessly scroll through your timelines, it’s time for a change.

Focus on your life offline

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If you can communicate better with people when you’re online, it might also be good to have some quality face-to-face time. I often tell my internet friends that there’s more to James P. DeVellis than what they see on their feed. There are days when you need to live your without the intention of sharing about it online. When you start feeling stressed out, angry, jealous, or unnecessarily guilty, perhaps it’s time to log out of your accounts. This might be hard at first but after a few days, you’ll realize that there’s so much to do and see in the real world.

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Friday, 11 January 2019

Best Google Chrome extensions to enhance your web experience

Google Chrome is the world’s leading internet browser. Its share of the worldwide internet browser market is at 65.21% with billions using it every day. While there are people who simply use Google Chrome as a web browser, there are those whose lives revolve around the browser. These are people who work online or spend a significant amount of time a day browsing the internet. To help them make the most of Chrome, they often use extensions to make their work easier or to enhance their browsing experience. If you’re interested in trying out these cool extensions, here are some that can improve your web experience.

Image source: techradar.com
LastPass, your login pal
Security is always necessary for people with a lot of web presence. However, different websites and apps may require different sets of passwords. Other require alphanumeric passwords, others require special letters, capital letters, and so on. LastPass helps you by creating a different strong password for each site and filling out logins automatically. All you need to remember is one master password for this extension.

Image source: techradar.com
Lazarus, securing your forms
Every now and then, we need to fill in a form online. But sometimes, we miss out one detail and we’d be forced to re-enter everything from scratch. Lazarus: Form Recovery stores all the information you type in forms and lets you use details from your history. These information can be encrypted to make sure your personal data remains safe.

Tab Wrangler, cleaning up your tabs
Some people open a lot of browsers and keep them open until navigating between tabs becomes virtually impossible. Tab Wrangler automatically closes tabs that haven’t been opened or used in a period of time.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

What’s the Windows Insider program?

Image source: Insider.Windows.com 
Consider it a beta project, a home to some 10 million Windows fans, professionals, and enthusiasts who want to be part of building the future of Windows 10.  Windows Insider is an open software testing program by Microsoft that lets users who own a valid Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 license to register for pre-release builds of the operating system, which were formerly available only to software developers.

Image source: Pixabay.com 

The program was launched for the technically able ones who want to test out new developer features on pre-release software and builds.  This is done to collect low-level diagnostics feedback that will help identify, probe, mitigate, and enhance the OS, in direct coordination with Microsoft Engineers in a properly structured communication channel.

Windows Insider features three levels or so-called “rings”: Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings.  What needs to be noted is that since it’s a beta program, a build that gets released can sometimes spell trouble.  Your PC may become less stable, and the program can require a lot of bandwidth given that a new build is usually released once a week.

At any rate, many are keen on becoming a part of the program since it offers the privilege of testing new features first, or before they officially roll out to the public.  It's part of a large-scale initiative to shape the next version of Windows, where feedback about bugs, suggestions, or personal ideas are welcome and might even be implemented by Microsoft.  Finally, it fosters a sense of community among like-minded – or Windows-minded – individuals. 

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Clear your mind with these relaxation apps

Going through stress and anxiety can be overwhelming especially for adults who have lots of responsibilities that they need to face each day.  Instead of seeking outside help, sometimes we end up brushing off the negativity, which can make it worse.  Thankfully, the smartphone is no longer just a tool for productivity and entertainment.  It can now be used to help a person relax and meditate.  Below are some of my favorite relaxation apps:

Image source: Pexels.com
This app is probably one of the most popular relaxation apps for smartphone users.  The app's easy to navigate and calming interface encourages you to take a step back.  With sessions that can last from 3 to 25 minutes, users will be able to find guided meditations that will help them build not just their inner peace but also self-esteem and positivity.  Some meditations also encourage mindfulness and forgiveness.  Relax and recharge on your own time through this app.
Image source: Pexels.com

Relax Melodies
If you need a soundtrack to a peaceful sleep, this app will do the job for you.  You can choose from a wide selection of tracks and create a playlist.  You can adjust the volume and set up alarms so that you can wake up on time, relaxed and refreshed.

Sometimes we're just too busy to take a step back and breathe.   Thankfully there's a breathing app like Breathe2Relax these days.  Through diaphragmatic breathing, users will be able to learn how to breathe and release their stress.  I'm sure you'll feel the calming effects after a few minutes of doing their breathing exercises.
Use your smartphone to get rid of what's weighing you down.  Meditate and breathe.  You deserve to experience peace.

  James P. DeVellis is an IT consultant, techie, and industry insider. He’s sharing the latest innovations on this space.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Apps for a better travel or vacation experience

Traveling to a new country is always exciting, but often, confusing.  Many questions and setbacks will arise along the way.  But thanks to travel-centric mobile apps that could be downloaded to your smartphone, you can get any information you want any time you need it.  Whether you’re looking for expert tips, insights, recommendations, or the best accommodations, these apps will deliver.

Image source: atoztravel.net 
For flights: FlightTrack Pro --  This app covers more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines and lets you manage local and international flights.  You can see real-time updates, push flight alerts, and weather-related delays.

For accommodation: Airbnb --  Airbnb remains the undisputed service for accommodation options all over the world.  From tents to lush villas, Airbnb’s wide range of selection covers all preferences.  You’ll be surprised at how cheap the accommodation rates are.

Image source: pcmag.com
For food: Zomato --  Zomato is a user-generated food rating app that shows reviews for restaurants in most cities across the globe.  Users upload photos of the food that’s actually presented, setting realistic expectations and prices.  In some regions, Zomato teams up with hotels and hostels so you can have food delivered if you’re too tired to wander out.

Miscellaneous --  There’s literally an app for every need, including all your travel essentials.  Need an app to help you pack? Download PackPoint.  Searching for WiFi hotspots in an unfamiliar area? Get WiFi Map.  Other helpful apps are AccuWeather (weather reports), SitOrSquat (public bathroom locator), CityMapper (digital mapping with transit features), and XE Currency (real-time currency converter).

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Camera Setup And Other Essentials For Vlogging: a Beginner’s Guide

To start vlogging on YouTube is an exciting prospect. It can be fun, it can showcase one’s interests and expertise, and it can bring in profits down the road. But are you equipped with the basic setup and other essentials for this endeavor? Here’s a quick guide to making YouTube videos and rock a vlogging career.

Image source: SewingReport.com  


Make no mistake about it: a smartphone would do just fine and boasts a great camera to capture video and a microphone to record sound. To step up a little, one can choose a powerful small camera with front-facing display, a quality mic built, and some stuff like wide-angle capability. There’s no need to break the bank when choosing a DSLR or point and shoot camera, but keep a few features in mind, such as an audio input for your external mic.

Audio capture

A reliable external mic comes in handy if you find that sound is important (and it is). A shotgun mic can be attached to the hot shot of the camera to quickly capture high-quality sound.


Harness natural light by setting up near a window or where you can get some of that sunlight for the production. A reflector will fill in undesirable shadows. As the sun can be difficult to control, LED lights can be attached to the camera or have their own stands as a rich addition to the beginner’s setup.

Image source: MakeUseOf.com

Vlogging niche or industry

Choose a niche, industry, or topic that helps you focus your content on areas you’re most passionate about. Passion will drive this activity for the most part, and will offer an endless supply of ideas and innovative thinking. Identify this niche in order to create a sustainable YouTube channel and actually have fun while doing it.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Upcoming Must-Play Games On The PS4

Image source: polygon.com
Even before the many upcoming games unveiled by Sony in the recent E3, 2018 has already given us a bunch of solid and addicting games for the PS4. These games include Ni No Kuni 2: The Revenant Kingdom and the highly acclaimed God of War III, which is destined to be the best console game of the year. But it doesn’t end there; here are some of the most anticipated games releasing on the PS4 in 2018 and the coming years.


Easily one of the most hyped PS4 releases for the remainder of the year is this open-world, action-adventure game. It’s exclusive to Sony and is the first big Spidey game in a long time. It will allow players to explore, fight crime, and generally web-sling his or her way in a fully realized city patterned after New York. Spider-Man is coming out in September.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Competing with Spider-Man for the most anticipated upcoming game on the Sony console is the sequel to the critically praised Red Dead Redemption. Releasing this October, RDR2 is the brainchild of highly successful developer Rockstar Games of Grand Theft Auto fame. It’s an even bigger open-world sandbox game that will give players a grand adventure in the untamed Wild West.

Death Stranding

Image source: theverge.com
Being developed by Kojima Productions, the release date of this sci-fi game is still shrouded in mystery but is even now generating tons of hype among gamers. After all, it stars actors Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, and even director Guillermo del Toro. It is set in a dark planet riddled with fetuses and Dementor-like creatures. Innovations in facial recognition and game engine are making Death Stranding the new standard for gaming realism.

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